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for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

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Dietary supplement additives

Sodium hyaluronate

Food and cosmetic oils

Sea ​​buckthorn seed oil

Dietary supplement additives


Amino Acids


Dietary supplement additives


Cosmetic raw materials

Copper peptides

Cosmetic butters

Cocoa butter

Cosmetic oils

Argan oil

Natural Poland - hurtowy dystrybutor surowców

Natural Poland

Our mission is to provide companies with the best products from around the world. Our main business is importing raw materials for industry :

  • Food,
  • cosmetic
  • pharmaceutical.

If you are looking for a loyal, reliable, competitive partner in business – you’ve found perfect team! We are a company with an established position in the market, stable, with adequate facilities substance and capital, which allows us to implement even the most demanding contracts.

Our products


Wholesale quantities, B2B cooperation 

We supply companies with cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical raw materials directly from manufacturers around the world.

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PHONE +48 22 112 10 97

Import – export – distribution 

Our materials are imported from all over the world, even from the farthest corners. In our offer you will find plant extracts, oils, butters, raw materials for supplements, cosmetics and food industry products – our product portfolio is constantly expanded with new dimensions, often available only from us.

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