Development of the international presence of the Natural Poland brand

Under the project number POIR.03.03.03-14-0225/19, Natural Poland aims to increase its presence and influence in global markets. The project, entitled “Promotion of the NATURAL POLAND brand on international markets through participation in the Industry Promotion Program for the Polish Food Specialties Industry.”, is aimed at raising the company’s profile and increasing its competitiveness through global activities.

The main goal of the project is to strengthen NATURAL POLAND’s position in the world, which will be achieved through intensified promotional activities. Through these initiatives, the company expects not only to gain new business partners and customers for its products, but also to strengthen its presence in international markets. The overseas expansion is also aimed at increasing sales and opening new distribution avenues. Achieving these goals will help promote the Polish specialty food industry and strengthen the image of the Polish economy.

The total budget of the project is PLN 332,600.00, of which PLN 249,450.00 is the contribution from the European Funds.