Probiotics are the essence of a healthy lifestyle – living beneficial microorganisms that play a key role in maintaining our health at an optimal level. Our probiotics category is divided into two main groups: live (active) probiotics and inactivated (tyndallized) probiotics.

Dietary supplement additives

Akkermansia Muciniphila Akk11

Dietary supplement additives


Live probiotics during the fermentation process produce metabolites, such as lactic acid, through energy metabolism and nutrient consumption. This works on various levels, influencing metabolic control through the fermentation process, metabolite mechanism of action, and adhesion receptor. They are recommended for oral administration, and due to their diverse functions and strong effects, studies on their effectiveness are clear and well-documented. Live probiotics require careful storage, at low temperature and humidity, in a tightly sealed package.

Inactivated probiotics are stable and do not react with other ingredients. As a result, they can be combined with antibiotics and various additives, regardless of the formula and dosage method. They have a short detection cycle. They are commonly used in beverages, candies, soft capsules, protective gels, etc. With stable biological activity, they can be utilized in any field for diverse and innovative products. Unlike live probiotics, inactivated probiotics can be used both internally and externally.