We offer a carefully selected range of plant extracts, including primarily powdered, water, oil, alcoholic, and glycerine extracts. Our products are perfect for the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, and food industries. The wealth of natural active ingredients in these extracts means that they can be used in many products.

Additionally, our range includes CO2 extracts obtained in supercritical carbon dioxide high-pressure extraction. These extracts, derived from herbs, spices, and other plants, are excellent bioactive ingredients, flavors, and fragrances. Their highly concentrated form greatly enriches dietary supplements, cosmetics, perfumes, food products, and beverages.

All our extracts have halal and kosher certifications, confirming their highest quality and compliance with religious requirements.

Plant extracts

Acai extract

Plant extracts

Acerola extract

Plant extracts

Apple extract

Plant extracts

Artichoke extract

Plant extracts

Astragalus extract

Dietary supplement additives

Banaba leaf exctract

Plant extracts

Barberry extract

Natural Products & Raw Materials for Pharma & Medical

Belladonna extract

Our offer includes, among others, green tea extract and grape seed extract. Green tea extract is valued for its strong antioxidant properties and its ability to support heart health and metabolism. On the other hand, grape seed extract is known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, making it an attractive ingredient for many products.

Our plant extracts are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards, taking into account rigorous control protocols, guaranteeing their purity and effectiveness. We also provide full technical and logistical support, so that our products reach you in an undamaged condition and in the shortest possible time.