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NATURAL PRODUCTS Products from Africa

African Seeds in Nutrition: Chia, Flax, and Hemp

NATURAL PRODUCTS Products from Africa

African Marine Ingredients: Seaweed and Algae in Skincare

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mgr Misza Kinsner

Misza Kinsner
PhD student and researcher at the Institute of Animal Physiology and Nutrition

Katarzyna Kimel

Dr Katarzyna Kimel
Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Fiona Bulia

Fiona Bulia
African-born advocate of natural beauty products

Klaudia Piekarska
Doctoral student at the Faculty of Medicine

Krzysztof Błaszczyk

Krzysztof Błaszczyk
Legal Advisor

Beata Plebanowicz

Agata Doniek

Agata Doniek
Graduate in medicinal chemistry from the University of Warsaw

Wojciech Marut
Graduate of food technology and human nutrition

Rut Tokarska
Cosmetologist, clinical dietetics student

Products from Africa:

Products from Africa

Moringa Oil in Africa: Harnessing a Miraculous Superfood for Nutrition, Skincare, and Wellness

In the heart of Africa lies a miraculous superfood that has been quietly transforming lives with its impressive array of benefits. Meet Moringa [...]


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