Wholesale distributor of natural raw materials: food additives, food raw materials and semi-finished products, natural sweetening substances, food-grade vegetable oils.

We source products for the food industry from all around the world, cooperating only with verified manufacturers. We deliver our products to manufacturing plants worldwide. We personally oversee the plantations and the production process of raw materials at every stage of their creation. Our food raw materials possess all required tests and certificates.

Among our products for the food industry, you will find mushroom extracts that are valuable due to their unique flavor and beneficial nutritional properties. They are an ideal addition to many different dishes, from soups and sauces to bakery and meat products. We also offer a wide selection of edible oils, including plant-based oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and grape seed oil. Our oils are produced with the utmost care to ensure their purity and excellent nutritional properties.

Furthermore, we provide raw materials for production that are essential for creating diverse food products. This includes everything from natural sweeteners and preservatives to plant extracts, spices, flowers, and herbs.

All our products for the food industry are manufactured according to the highest quality and safety standards. They are thoroughly tested and examined to ensure their safety and quality. Whatever you need for your food business, we have the ingredients that will help you create exceptional products.