How to create your own brand of cosmetics?

własna marka kosmetyków

If you want to enter the cosmetics industry and be a cosmetics manufacturer, you need more than a good product formulation and knowledge of registration procedures. To make it successfully in this market, you have to create and effectively promote your brand as well. What to pay attention to when producing your own cosmetics brand?

A brand like no other

The cosmetics market is huge and very diverse. Nowadays, it is not enough to develop a great preparation for your own line of cosmetics – after all, few people decide to buy a product based on its composition alone.

The key to creating your own cosmetics brand is to determine what sets it apart, how your products will be distinct from those of other cosmetics manufacturers? Who are they addressed to and what particular group of people can benefit from using them? What are your guiding ideas? Are your cosmetics meant to deliver great results or do you also have the welfare of the planet at heart?

Image of a cosmetics brand

Once you have chosen your target customer group and the ideas to guide your brand, you should think about designing an appropriate visual identity. This includes not only the design of the product label and packaging, but also the design of a logo, a website with its own online store, and even the graphic design of your social media posts. Although the popular saying goes that you shouldn’t choose a book by its cover, it is the visual identity that largely determines whether a potential customer will be interested in what you offer.

Professional minimalism may emphasize the high quality and exclusivity of your brand, however younger and less affluent customers may find it off-putting, as being associated with high prices. Choosing a logo or brand name that is too bland and unoriginal will make it unmemorable, making it difficult to attract and retain customers.

At the same time, when designing the labels and packaging of your products, you must not forget that it is not just about their marketing role, but a practical aspect as well. In this context, you must take into account not only their durability, but also the needs of the cosmetics produced – protection from moisture, sunlight, and temperature insulation. As regards the label, you must also not forget about the current legislation. No matter how you conceive of its ideal design, the label and packaging must take into account a number of information requirements stipulated by the law.

Formulation and composition

Own cosmetic brand also calls for the development of distinctive manufacturing formulations. Noteworthy in this context is not only development of the best possible formulations, which will ensure the unique properties of your products. It is also important to use high-quality and well-tested ingredients. Remember that ingredients from questionable sources may tempt with lower prices, but their use involves the risk of buying adulterated, low-quality products, which can even pose a threat to the customer’s health or skin.

Taking into account individual differences in complexion and sensitivity of the human skin, it is also a good idea to test your products, for example among family and friends, before launching them into the broader market. Feedback gathered in this way will not only allow you to better assess your product’s effectiveness and safety profile, but also will provide information on potential opportunities for improvement.

Marketing, online store and customer support

Nowadays, selling one’s own products is not only about cosmetics’ visual identity and packaging, but also about constantly maintaining interest in the product. In addition to your proprietary website, be sure to stay active on social media and engage with both regular and potentially new customers.

Do not rely on advertising alone! Frequently you can gain much more by developing the right relationship with your customers – responding to comments, quickly resolving reported problems, thoughtfully mitigating difficult situations (Online store delivery is late? Offer a discount or a free item on the customer’s next order).

Other good ways to get a new private label off the ground include promotions, contests and distribution of free samples (e.g., for signing up for a newsletter).